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Franchise History

WheelWorkz and The Premier Companies formed a joint venture in early 2008. It merged the automotive talents of Dale Ingram and Tommy Crenshaw with the franchise expertise of Trooper Earle, whose proven start-up and support system has successfully helped experienced RTO dealers get into business for themselves and thrive. Premier WheelWorkz offers unique access to an exciting business opportunity for retail wheel and tire dealers and rental-purchase dealers.


Tommy Crenshaw, a 25-year veteran in the industry, partnered in 2004 with Dale Ingram, seasoned in marketing and automotive operations, to create WheelWorkz LLC, and the two began the process of franchising the existing WheelWorkz operation. WheelWorkz is a leader and innovator in custom tire and wheel applications – the largest independent distributor and retailer of original equipment and custom wheels in the South. Their slogan, "Where the athletes and stars bring their cars," accurately describes the thriving business they have built that has, until the past few years, catered exclusively to the retail market. Their success can be attributed to Crenshaw's wide-ranging knowledge of wheels, refurbishing and manufacturing capacities as well as Ingram's solid marketing and sales savvy. But they felt they could capture all of the market and not just limit their operation to retail, hence their foray into lease-to-own franchising.  

With tires and wheels being the newest addition to the rent-to-own (RTO) industry – a $6.8 billion industry as of 2007 – the partners saw the potential and began developing franchises to include lease-purchase, sales, service and repair.

The Premier Companies

Joining forces with The Premier Companies gives Premier WheelWorkz the depth of experience in both lease-purchase and franchising, which includes store opening and start-up support as well as access to financing and human resources, marketing and legal services. Premier has nailed down a system for successfully launching and supporting entrepreneurs who wish to own their own business. Combining the RTO organizational expertise of Premier with the automotive expertise of WheelWorkz sets this venture apart in this industry. Premier and WheelWorkz complement each other in ways that leave no holes in a business structure ideal for dealers who are looking to franchise and make their successful mark in wheel and tire lease-purchase. Premier WheelWorkz is focusing on helping dealers become the place where everyone in town comes for wheels and tires, branding their new slogan: For Sale. For Lease. For Less. Premier WheelWorkz also wants to be the company most attractive to entrepreneurs in or coming into this industry.